Infrastructure Cabling

Backbone of the network

Pre-terminated trunk cables are becoming more popular in the data center due to the mobility and ability to plug-n-play without having to actually field terminate. A pre-terminated, in it's very nature, is a terminated fiber cable specified to a certain length and is connectorized per specification. The trunk functions as a large data pipe between various rooms in the data centers and allows you to connect LAN, WAN, SAN.

Key Benefits

  • Proven Reliability - Factory terminated and tested, allows for error-free installation.
  • Configure your way - Build your cable exactly to the application from fiber strand, fiber count, staggering length, to end connectors.
  • Faster Deployments - Trunks show up ready to deploy and turn key for installation. No field termination necessary.

MC Fiber Solutions

High Quality Armored Pre-terminated Trunks

Rugged cable designed for durability during installation and abrasive passages

Product Diagram for Data Center Fiber

Network Patch Cables

Copper to fiber patch cords and jumpers, we are the missing link to networking.

Whether your looking for a standard Cat6a Blue 5ft cable or something obscure Single-mode MPO cable - we got you covered. We offer a basic and premium line of cabling. Ask about your shielded copper cabling and our armored fiber patch cabling.

Cable Management

Structure to unstructured cable management, we offer a variety of standardized and customized solutions.

Whether your looking for LGX MPO fiber cassettes or a copper catch panel, we have solutions designed optimized for size and performance. Cabling can be cumbersome if not done managed properly. We're offer products and packages to help kick-start your installation.

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