Networking Patch Cabling

Patch Cords & Jumpers

Fiber patch cables from 9/125 Single-mode fiber to 50/125 multi-mode OM3/OM4 patch cables - we got you covered. Patch cables are typically standardized for lengths below 50 meters, however, we can provide 'cut to length' service that allows make a cable specific to your application.

Basic cables offers you a budget friendly cable that is optimized for short distance links. Every cable meets industry standards and performance measures.

Premium cables include superior glass (YOFC® or Corning Glass®), LC uniboot connectors, MTP® connectors or Low loss Connectors for MPO. Armored options are available.


    Basic Multi-mode OM3 MPO to MPO Standard Loss 1M Fiber Patch


    Premium Multi-mode OM4 Laser Optimized MPO to MPO Low loss 1M Fiber Patch

  • MC Fiver Solutions


    Economy Single-mode 9/125 LC to LC Standard loss 1M Fiber Patch

High Speed Ethernet Cables

Copper patch cords available in all colors, and lengths. See the new SLIM28 Cat6a cable.

Copper Patch Cables

From legacy Cat5e copper patch cord to Cat6a we offer a plethora of color and length options for standardized patch cords. Compliant to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2. Our cables are made 100% pure copper wire and 50μ gold plate RJ45 plug.


SLIM28 Cat6+ Designed for High-Density Applications

The new small diameter Cat6+ SLIM28 copper patch cables are a popular choice for data center applications. Many operators are choosing SLIM 28 AWG for its sleek build characteristics, which improves airflow and reduces congestion in high-density ares. Optimized for 1G and 10G applications, the smaller diameter allows operators to achieve superior cable management techniques, with a tighter bend radius and improved cables handling between equipment. Compared to the standard 24 AWG copper patch cable, the 28 AWG is 50% smaller in outer diameter (OD) and 40% lighter in weight. This makes the SLIM28 the smart choice for networking.

Fiber Infrastructure Cables

Delivering robust fiber backbone cabling to support network traffic between equipment rooms. Spool to termination, we offer a blend of different cable configurations.

Infrastructure cabling a the critical data link that carry the main traffic from distribution to compute. It's imperative that you choose the right cable for your application. If you need help, you've come to the right place. See more about infrastructure cabling.

Cable Management

Structure to unstructured cable management, we offer a variety of standardized and customized solutions to meet the growing needs of your network.

Whether your looking for LGX MPO fiber cassettes or a copper catch panel, we have solutions designed optimized for size and performance. Cabling can be cumbersome if not done managed properly. We're offer products and packages to help kick-start your installation.

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