Fiber Panels

Fiber Panels that suited for deployment as all fiber management and connectivity is built into an enclosure. Fiber adapter Panels, FAPs for short, are a modular design and allow you mix and match variations within the enclosure.

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    Product Description

    We offer an array of patch panels designed to connect, and manage your cross connect links. Fiber panels, also known as fiber distribution panels, enable fibers to be terminated in a 1RU, 2RU, and 4RU rack mount panels with easy access to the patch cords. MCFS supports many different configurations of port count, fiber type, connector type, and design.


    Make sure to take in account the devices and equipment that will be installed in the enclosure in terms of height, depth, width and weight.

    Consider the power cords, patch cords, splice trays, and cabling devices that will be installed to make sure you have enough physical room to access the cabling and have it managed in a desirable way.

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